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Nicola Watershed Stewardship and Fisheries Authority

nicloa riverMultidisciplinary technical, consulting and advisory services in fisheries and aquaculture management.

• Fisheries Management
• Habitat Creation & Reparation
• Stock Assessment
• Enhancement
• Water Shed Restoration

The approach taken by the Nicola Watershed Stewardship and Fisheries Authority towards fisheries and aquaculture management, puts in use many of the principles that make up the philosophy of Traditional Ecological Knowledge. Maintaining the fishery's physical environment is done through initiatives such as slope stabilization. This involves decreasing siltation resulting from past logging-related degradation and attempting to increase the level of salmon stock.

Documenting the rich indigenous knowledge of the communities serves to both enhance the state of the fisheries themselves, as well as provide possible solutions to future fisheries problems. The Nicola Watershed Stewardship and Fisheries Authority offers its clients training in fisheries management that is unique, innovative and adaptable to any situation.

Tracy Wimbush
NWSFA Department Manager
Phone: (250) 378-4235 ext. 131

Jess Urquhart
Fisheries Technologist
Phone: (250) 378-4235 ext. 130

Neil Todd
NWSFA Fisheries Advisor and Fraser Salmon Management Council Operations Manager
Phone: (250) 378-4235 ext. 132

Sara Martin
Phone: (250) 378-4235 ext. 134

Tiffany Wimbush
Department Assistant 
Phone: (250) 378-4235 ext. 133

... And our valued seasonal field crew.

Fisheries Technologist

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