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SOCKEYE UPDATE - July 14, 2017


Mike Staley held his first conference call of his sockeye season weekly in-season updates for First Nations on Thursday, July 13, at 4 p.m.  First Nations are encouraged to phone in to these updates (held every Thursday in sockeye season at 4 p.m.) in order to get the latest information on the status of the runs.  

Following is the information from yesterday’s call.

  1. Early Stuart

The pre-season forecast was for a return of 99,000 this year, although DFO Science staff were warning DFO management that this number might be a bit optimistic.

Returns to date: 27,000 fish, indicating that total returns will likely not exceed 50-60,000 fish. 

Outlook: At this level, every returning fish is needed for the spawning grounds.  No fishing on Early Stuart this year.

  1. Early Summer Run stocks

The pre-season forecast was for a total return of 343,000 this year (all stocks combined in this management group).  A few Early Summer Run fish (Chilliwack stock only) have entered the Fraser to date; it is too early to assess whether or not returns will be at or near the pre-season forecast.  Some of the other stocks from this group are starting to show in the marine test fisheries.

Returns to date: 4,000

Outlook: too soon in the season to comment.

  1. Environmental Conditions

Migration conditions are good at this time, with flows and temperatures at or close to the historic averages for this time of year:

  • Flow (discharge): 4822 cms (cubic metres per second). This value is well under the high flow threshold near 8,000 cms that Early Stuart sockeye have faced in the past.
  • Temperature: 16.8 C. This value is below the stress-level temperature of approximately 18 C that Early Stuart and Early Summer Run sockeye have faced in the past.

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