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Scw̓éxmx People

One of the stories of how the Scw̓éxmx (people of the Creeks or Nicola Valley) came together was loooong ago the Stuwix, who were the Athapascan Nicola-Similkameen tribe, had frequent wars with the Thompson (the Lytton people) & the Okanagans. The Thompson drove them away & the Stuwix occupied which is now Nicola Valley. The Thompson ceased to attack the Stuwix after they had intermarried, as they were afraid of killing their own family. The Okanagan for the same reason also made fast friends with the Thompson & became their allies, & ceased to attack the Stuwix. During the past century the Thompson, Stuwix & Okanagan never fought with one another. 

Christine TsEkEnêlxEmux

Christine TsEkEnêlxEmux

Christine TsEkEnêlxEmux, a Nlaka'pamux (Thompson) woman, wearing traditional clothing; it consists of a type of dress usually worn by older women, on occasion also worn by young girls, beaded moccasins, fringed, painted leggings, and a fringed skirt, all made of buckskin.

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