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1916 Chiefs Delegation to Ottawa

1916 Chiefs Delegation to Ottawa

John Tetlenitsa (Lower Nicola Valley), standing second from left, and James Teit (Spences Bridge), standing third from left, and John Chelahitsa (Upper Nicola Valley), sitting second from left.

1971 – The five bands of the Nicola Valley first came together, combining funds and sharing facilities, service delivery mechanisms and human resources to provide a centralized administration function to take full advantage of the economy.

1971 – 1987 – known as the Nicola Valley Indian Administration, the original staff consisted of an Administrator and Secretary that administered the Operation & Maintenance funds for the five bands.  Significant changes increased the NVIA staff to over 200 who administered education, social & economic development, resource management & Bands’ Administration.

1988 – name changed to the Nicola Valley Tribal Council and a decentralization process started.  The Bands staffed their own Band offices to allow them to manage their own administration, education, social and economic development, community    O & M and Band management.

1996 – name changed to the Nicola Tribal Association (NTA) and became an Incorporated Society.  Cook’s Ferry Indian Band and Siska Indian Band joined NTA.

2002 – Chiefs commissioned an organizational review to restructure NTA that provided 100+ recommendations.

2003 – NTA Board representation was changed from 39-members Chiefs and Council to a 7 elected (including 1 Elder and 1 Youth) and 7 appointed plus an elected Chairperson for a total Board Membership of 15.  Nicomen Band joined NTA and Lower Nicola Indian Band withdrew from NTA.  Management changed from an Administrator to a CEO.

2009 – Seven member Bands belong to NTA, representing a membership population of 3300.  The Nicola Tribal Association continues to be an advisory body for the Bands in resource management, band governance and acts as coordinator and facilitator for joint initiatives on a collective basis.

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